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A case for Cerebral.js

As some of you may know, I am creating lucidity, some kind of editor to ease the development of complex multimedia applications. I tried different Javascript frameworks to see what best fit my needs and decided to use Cerebral.js with a simple virtual dom library (currently snabbdom, probably Inferno


Choosing a Javascript framework for an app

At Lucidogen, we are currently creating an app for live arts called lucidity. We wanted to use HTML5, CSS and Javascript to build this app. Here is the ordered list (most important first) of our needs for a framework or set of libraries to build our app: SVG support to


Migrated blog from zena to ghost

Hi there ! After some !#%?IX pain to manage proper math and wiki links support in Ghost, I am here, with a new website. \[ \forall{parent}\in {Anger}, {child}\in {Pain} \] The theme is from Stefan Djokic. The engine behind all this is Ghost. This blog uses a modified ghost version


SVM varying C and sigma

Thanks to Andrew Ng and his team for the great Machine Learning class. In the latest lesson in ml-class, we learned how to use Support Vector Machine to predict if some vector x belongs to a class or another. When using a gaussian kernel, we must supply the library with


Logistic cost function derivative

Thanks to Andrew Ng and his team for the great Machine Learning class where I am currently learning all these things! photo by Fabian Oefner. This article has been transferred from the previous website and may need reviewing. If you find any error, let me know @feature_space. During the